Sunday, May 20, 2012

Corbusier - Villa Savoye

This is the last of my Corbusier pilgrimage, at least for now. It's the first house by Corbusier that I've been to. There are many Corb houses in Paris, but all of those seem difficult to visit, requiring reservation or only open on weekdays. We made the trip out to Poissy on the Friday of my Birthday

This house is a perfect example of Corbusier's 5 principles of modern architecture. It is also a good example of the house as a 'machine for living'. 

There was natural light which filtered through all the spaces of the house, aided by the overlapping of spaces and levels, characteristic of Corbusier. Talking about the manipulation of light sometimes seems cliche and overused, but the experience of it when well done is always still powerful.

It's also impressive to think about these sort of places being designed mainly in plan, section, and elevation. The ability to think about complex 3d space through 2D drawing is somewhat lost today; it is instead being replaced by ever more complex 3D thinking in 3D.

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