Saturday, August 15, 2009

Earring Craze

I just started making earrings this summer thanks to a dear roommate's generosity. I've found that knowing how to make things has positive and negative results. It's great being able to make things for myself and as gifts that I've always wanted to make. And it saves a lot of money too! But knowing how to make things also makes one look at things differently. In the past year, having learnt how to make both furniture and jewelry, I'm amazed at the poor quality of many things i see for sale and how expensive they are... and... how people still buy them!

Anyways, I could still use some practice and maybe better suited tools and materials, but this is what i've got so far:

Gift for my sister:

These look better hanging. They're a bit clumped up lying flat:

Trying out wrapping the wire:

One of the pairs I made at the earring making class:

Ran out of the materials for this one, so it'll have to be pair-less for a little bit:

Thought I'd try something bright:

Ones I made for Betsy: