Saturday, January 26, 2013

My presence on the web has been disappearing as I threw myself back into a rather enjoyable semester of school, but I'm back briefly to happily say that I finally have a web page, and the outdated project posts on these blogs will no longer represent all my design work online.

I have a dream web page in mind that I still hope to create when I have a bit more time to learn some JavaScript or html5, but for now, this will do. Feedback is welcome before I make version two.


New (and final) semester starting Monday. Goodbye again and wish me luck for thesis.


  1. Looked at your resume b/c I was curious ... I think your Paris dates are wrong? (says 2011)

    Looks impressive though :). What are your plans for after you graduate, do you know yet?

  2. Thanks. Updated the dates =). No plans after graduation as of yet. Find a job?

    1. Probably a good plan. :) Are you going to stay in Boston or go somewhere else?

      I'll be in Boston in Oct. for my cousin's wedding - we should hang out if I'm there for longer than the weekend. Hoping to be there at least Fri - Wed. but not sure yet.